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Vampire Knight Manga to End

Why is it we always get a little sad when we hear that a favorite series is officially wrapping up?

I wish I had an answer for that, but as it is, sadly, Vampire Knight is ending, and is scheduled to finish its final arc this May. This after a nine year run, is a pretty good stretch for the vampire romance.

Of course, now this means that I have to cram the living hell out of the rest of the manga, so I can be something like caught up. Me and my back-log of things to watch and read.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what Matsuri Hino has up her sleeves for the next manga series.

Marmalade Boy Sequel Begins in March

Well, it may or may not come as no surprise to you fans that follow the manga scene pretty devoutly; but in case you haven't heard it, Marmalade Boy is getting its sequel, and it's happening soon!

According to information from ANN:
Wataru Yoshizumi will launch a sequel to her popular Marmalade Boyshōjo manga in the May issue of Shueisha's Cocohana magazine on March 28. Marmalade Boy little is set 13 years after the last installment of the original series. The sequel follows the little sister and brother of Miki and Yū, the main leads of the original series. Miki, Yū, and other characters from the original series will appear in the sequel.
So if you are a fan of the series, and you want more, this is your chance.

Haruhi & Nagato Grammar Guide

We all knew that somewhere deep down, Haruhi was a bit of a grammar nazi; but I never expected her to drag poor Nagato into her conquest of the English language. And yes, you did not mis-read that. I did in fact say, "English".

Apparently the Chukei, a Kadokawa Group Publishing company, has decided to compose another Haruhi self-help study guide, and like their last one; Haruhi Suzumiya English vocab guides, this one manages to drag along the ever quiet and oft fan favorited Yuki Nagato.

I can hear the fans rejoicing already.

And no, the irony isn't lost on me, considering that we American Otaku would have a ecstasy stroke, if we could get our hands onto some Haruhi merch teaching us Japanese language. Will the wonders of the fandom never cease.

The book is slated for April, with a 1,365 yen (US$15) price tag.

AMV: Heavyweight

You've gotta love the animation of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, it's one of those rare films that manages to surpass not only it's predecessor, but the genre altogether. Enjoy some serious music with your vid.

Art: Fairy Tail

Here, have some art. I know it's not much, but at least it gives you something to look at right?

New Dragon Ball Movie Goes Imax

No amount of preparation is enough for those fans of Dragonball Z when it comes to finally getting some more DBZ. In fact it's probably a safe bet that many fans are still caught in an endless loop of; joy, fainting, and peeing themselves. All in all, pretty standard stuff when it comes to the fandom.

What I'm sure the fans are not prepared for, is to have the new DBZ movie presented on the Imax theater. In fact it was announced Thursday that this was going ti be the first Japanese film screened on the IMAX digital blah bkah blah. So I mean if that does't get you excited, I don't know what will.

According to the grapevine gossip and shoddy news, Toriyama has been working very closely with the dilm throughout the various stages, though that doesn't impress me, unless he can keep his own character's names straight.

The new movie openes March 30. So you'd best be wearing some happy smiles.