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Haruhi & Nagato Grammar Guide

We all knew that somewhere deep down, Haruhi was a bit of a grammar nazi; but I never expected her to drag poor Nagato into her conquest of the English language. And yes, you did not mis-read that. I did in fact say, "English".

Apparently the Chukei, a Kadokawa Group Publishing company, has decided to compose another Haruhi self-help study guide, and like their last one; Haruhi Suzumiya English vocab guides, this one manages to drag along the ever quiet and oft fan favorited Yuki Nagato.

I can hear the fans rejoicing already.

And no, the irony isn't lost on me, considering that we American Otaku would have a ecstasy stroke, if we could get our hands onto some Haruhi merch teaching us Japanese language. Will the wonders of the fandom never cease.

The book is slated for April, with a 1,365 yen (US$15) price tag.