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New Dragon Ball Movie Goes Imax

No amount of preparation is enough for those fans of Dragonball Z when it comes to finally getting some more DBZ. In fact it's probably a safe bet that many fans are still caught in an endless loop of; joy, fainting, and peeing themselves. All in all, pretty standard stuff when it comes to the fandom.

What I'm sure the fans are not prepared for, is to have the new DBZ movie presented on the Imax theater. In fact it was announced Thursday that this was going ti be the first Japanese film screened on the IMAX digital blah bkah blah. So I mean if that does't get you excited, I don't know what will.

According to the grapevine gossip and shoddy news, Toriyama has been working very closely with the dilm throughout the various stages, though that doesn't impress me, unless he can keep his own character's names straight.

The new movie openes March 30. So you'd best be wearing some happy smiles.