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First 5 Dr Slump Movies Licensed

If you are a fan of anime, and you haven't heard the name Arale-Chan... well then you probably need a good face slapping, for being so lazy. And since I'm not there to do it, then you can go ahead and slap yourself for me.

But if you have heard of the adorable android from the classic Akira Toriyama series, Dr Slump, then you will be thrilled at the news that Discotek Media acquiring the first five animated films based on the series.

Granted, this isn't massive news, considering what most fans really want is the original series. But for now, I suppose this will have to make due. If however this leads to a complete license of the series; then even better. But it does beg the question: how reliable is Discotek Media in regards to producing a consistent release of this beloved classic series?

If at some future time, they did manage to score the entire 200+ episode series, what sort of price, quality, and consecutive releases could we expect?

Lots of things are up in the a…

Haganai Cast Announced

So FUNimation has announced the cast for their new property,Haganai, or as I and plenty of other Otaku know it as,  Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. But don't let that bother you, if you want to call it Haganai, then you can.

The cast line up is as follows:

Kodaka Hasegawa - Jerry Jewell
Yozora Mikazuki - Whitney Rodgers
Sena Kashiwazaki - Jad Saxton
Rika Shiguma - Alexis Tipton
Yukimura Kusunoki - Ashleigh Domangue
Maria Takayama - Kristi Kang
Kobato Hasegawa - Alison Viktorin

Now, I have been known to seriously complain about the latest dubs from FUNi, but this lineup seems pretty good. I'm not bombarded with the same rehash voice talent over and over again, and for some strange reason, Jerry Jewell sounds reasonable in the lead role.

Not to see what the fans think.

New Kiki Live Action Film

So apparently, I did fall on my head and suffer some sort of delirium, because this is the first time that I've heard about a new Kiki film, and what with all the stuff that I encounter on a daily basis, this is some of the best news I've heard in days.

So from what I gather, there is a new film, and it's going to be starring 16-year-old Fūka Koshiba, as the title character.

Now despite the fact that is a film based on what we think is first and foremost a Ghibli film, is actually not. This film is based on the first two volumes of the novel series, while the Ghibli version was based on just the first volume, and so far as we know, there is no connection between the live action film, and Studio Ghibli.

So I guess we can just call this a stand alone film, based on the books; not an actual adaptation of the anime. Which may help the hard-core Kiki fans swallow their pill a little easer, since this is not stepping on the toes of the great Ghibli house.

We can expect to see …