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Kodomo no Jikan Manga to End

So, no matter what sort of stance you have, either for or against the series, Kodomo no Jikan, the fact remains that it has become a legendary manga that set all sorts of precedents.

True enough, the show is a lolicon's wet-dream, and that's putting it mildly; the fact remains that for the better or the worse, the series has themes that are often real, emotionally jarring, and sometimes frighteningly true to life.

As it is, the news is that, Kodomo no Jikan is to end sometime in May, as was confirmed in November, and with that final installment, we will say goodbye to Rin Kokonoe, and her friends.

Gone yes they will soon be, but hardly can they be forgotten.

Finally Back From The Beyond!

First of all, I want to say, that rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, and probably instigated by someone at ANN... okay, I'm joking about that; but seriously, I have been away from the keyboard here for too long. And for that you have my heart felt gomenosai.

The holidays were a huge cluster-frak of excitement, travel, adventure, and sickness. A relapse of the Thanksgiving flu turned into another bout for New Years, and afterward all I could focus on was stomping out some fan-fiction, and monitoring that. So yeah, there hasn't been much I've done anime or manga-wise in almost two months; except maybe finish off Sword Art Online: which was awesome by the way.

I still cannot believe the crap that show has been getting, I swear it's like one giant internet conspiracy about it. Enough so, that it's made it so I don't really want to read the light novels. Maybe I'll ban them, maybe I'll have to get them, take them out behind my house and burn…