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Art: Ika Musume

I know, it's hard to find decent pictures of the cutest girl under the waves, but when I find them, I just gotta post them on here. So, I hope you enjoy some Ika-chan... cause there's gonna be plenty!

New Tenchi Muyo Series To Arrive

Tenchi Muyo is one of those shows that people either understand completely; know about because of Toonami, or like because of a few very popular series figures, namely: Ryoko.

Try as I might, the series is often a confetti explosion of confusion and alternate timelines, mingled with canon and what seems like pure whimsy. I'm giving a hard strong stare at Sasami - Magical Girls Club while I say this.

Brony Antics and Cinema Sins

As if it wasn't enough that the fans of MLP have tromped and trod into everything sacred and holy on the internet (wait... the internet is holy?), they've now begun to parody an internet parody review channel on YouTube. Wait... wha?

That's right, we've now got our own "Everything Wrong With" for the bronies. A chance to go back and lovingly pick fun at the episodes that the fans squee'd themselves over when they first aired.

Kamisama Kiss Gets Second Season

With the first season of Kamisama Kiss having just hit shelves this past February, it doesn't come as much of a shock that the popular manga from Julietta Suzuki will be getting another season.

The news is to be officially announced Tuesday in this year's 17th issue of Hakusensha's Hana to Yume magazine.

Sadly, I didn't get a chance to finish watching the first season. Maybe this will be the nudge I need to get back into it.

I imagine that the second season will be another 13 episodes, to keep consistent with the previous one. No word yet on when it's scheduled to begin.

News & Stuff: The Best Year For Anime (or What?)

In a few more months, North America will be witness to quite possibly the greatest anime releases in a single year than has been since the dawn of the anime industry. Yeah, yeah... that sounds so hyped up, doesn't it? But it's true!

I think so, anyway.

This anime explosion, seems to have started this year with the restored and remastered releases of the fandom's all-time favorite: Ranma 1/2, and while we were yet reeling over that awesome news, and cradling the three disc BD sets in our laps, crying just a little bit over our good fortune; we get yet another belly punch: more classic anime license rescues!

As if by some miracle of the anime gods, there came another announcement that seemed to jiggle the jollies of almost all anime fans from the previous decade. NIS had made it clear that they had acquired the entire Cardcaptor Sakura series, and were going to be offering two different releases, the basic edition on DVD, and of course, the recently remastered version on pr…

[LPS] Artist Corner: 41

What's this? More Littlest Pet Shop in my blog? How is this possible?

Only because I want it! So sit back and enjoy some LPS goodness. (now with color pictures!)

WO Re-Examines: Sword Art Online

It's been almost two years since I wrote my review of the first arc of Sword Art Online, and while I never did go back and conclude or follow up with a review of the second arc, I never-the-less didn't change my opinion, or my stance on the anime as a whole. I still firmly hold fast to the claim that it was without a doubt the best anime I'd seen in 2012, and possibly 2013 (though that's debatable).

Now that SAO is getting a second season in the form of, Sword Art Online II, and because of some continued hate for the series, I thought it might be pertinent to go back and re-examine this anime with a fresh pair of eyes. To see if maybe I wasn't viewing the series through a set of rose-colored-glasses; and to see if perhaps all the hatred that the anime nerds in almost every corner of the internet throw at it is truly justified.

Art: C.C. (Code Geass)

Well, it's time again for more anime pics; and since our good buddy, LuckySeven has been running a Code Geass theme in our Skype chat, I figured what better character to grace our gallery of girls here on WO, than, C.C.!

Strangely enough, I thought I had seen Code Geass, but it turned out that I must have dreamed it, because I had no clue who C.C. was when she came up in the FUNimation tournament for Best Heroine. I saw a pizza eating girl, and thought, "Wow... now she and I have definitely got something in common here.

The rest is history.

So without further ado, click the thingy to see more C.C. below!

WO Examines: Kamisama no Memouchou

Being an eccentric detective is nothing new in the world of entertainment. In fact, it's almost a staple of the mystery genre; and as it stands, socially awkward and reclusive detectives are likewise nothing new—a-la, Death Note.

What is a breath of fresh air is the unique marriage of kawaii and crime in the mystery detective anime, Kamisama no Memochou (Heaven's Note Pad). It's a show that features a young N.E.E.T detective, who solves crimes from her own personal shut-in world, and while being surrounded by her personal army of the unemployed.

The show stars main protagonist, Narumi Fujishima; a high school student who's life gets upended when he inadvertently becomes the assistant to the reclusive N.E.E.T. detective Alice, and begins to take on assignments that involve, prostitution, organized crime, and thievery. It may be a show that features an amazingly cute girl as a detective, but it manages to undertake some pretty mature themes as well, with a fine blend.

[LPS] Artist Corner - 40

It's been a while since I've posted anything LPS, so here is a nice image post for everyone. Of course, if this is what's in a cupcake, then I'll have to be more careful when I eat one from now on. Personally I think a pepper-filled cupcake would be a little too good, so maybe we should dial down the fun just a tad on that one.

Anyway, for those of you that have recently come here from Pet Shop Daily, these image posts are nothing new; just more of what you have come to love.

For everyone that is new to this, these image posts are our fan-artists corner, where I scour the internet for the best art that the fandom has to offer, and I show it off here.

I do something similar with anime images, but this is for the LPS fandom; so if being a Pet Shopper isn't your thing, then skip this one. Otherwise, enjoy the art.

Wo Reviews: Girls Bravo

Well it took me longer than I originally wanted, but I was finally able to finish watching, Girls Bravo. And while it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, it was certainly an anime that made a definite impression on me.

One of the first things that I noticed right away is that even for a harem comedy, this show had the nudity. And not just the occasional boobie-shot here and there; it had naked flesh at almost every turn. Full frontal flesh at that. Granted, there was only doll-like depictions of the nethers, it nevertheless left nothing to the imagination.

Of course, this is probably where most first time viewers of the show may stop, and reflect on only this particular aspect of it, but in truth, this is not all that the show is about, or all that it's intended to be.

Girls Bravo is a show based on the shonen manga series by writer and illustrator, Mario Kaneda. The series ran in Shonen Ace from 2000 - 2005, and in 2006 was animated by AIC Spirits and directed by Ei Aoki.

Bullied Kid Get's Shafted Over MLP!

As a fan of lots of geekdom stuff—anime, manga, video games, etc,—I've experienced my fair share of bullying. Heck, seventh grade has been purged from my memory forever, but for a child nine years old to endure bullying, and the catalyst to be My Little Pony (a show that expresses friendship, and a fandom that promotes tolerance) this is enough to make my blood boil.

I don't blame the children for the bullying at this age so much as I blame the children's parents. I also blame the school's principle for taking a pussyfied highroad and eliminating the "distraction" that was the catalyst for the bullying rather than have the balls to throw a few students out on their ass for a few weeks in suspension. Let a few failing grades float their way to their parents and then THEN we'll see how bullying is tolerated.

[MLP] Image Corner - 001

Now that we've successfully shifted into a more geek oriented site, here's a bit of Derpy for the MLP fans out there.

You can check out more after the jump!

Ghosts, Girls, and Guns

Having spent some of the past few months in a sort of anime-funk, I crawled out of my mountain stronghold and found that Ghost in the Shell had gotten something of a reboot. Now, I feel differently about most reboots; some I loath and wish were smashed in the head, and some I don't bother concerning myself over. But, for some reason when I learned of the existence of Ghost in the Shell Arise, I was not outraged, and crying for someone to exact fan-boy justice.

For all intents, I'm not officially calling GitSA a full fledged reboot; sort of a re-imagining and re-mix. naturally, Production IG is handling the new four-episode OVAs, and like the masterful predecessors before, this new iteration of GitS is just as cerebral.

The question I'm probably going to be asked is, "Does GitS deserve a remake?"

My answer is, "Sure."

Newer and more improved!

Rumors about my untimely death have been exaggerated, as have been rumors about the death of this site, or any of the awesome Otaku/Geek junk we have been doing.

The truth about my recent departure is somewhat long and complicated but I'll try to give you the short version, if that is possible.

In the past near year that I've been AFK from WO, I have managed to self-publish two novels under the name, David Devere... if anyone is at all interested; and I've attempted to run a profitable secondary site for the fans of the HUB's Littlest Pet Shop series. Unfortunately, the complications of managing two full-time sites, combined with real life, and being a full-time novelist are more than us mere mortals should ever have to endure.

So, I am probably going to do what most people would find crazy, insane, and disturbing. I am going to merge most of this crap into one place. Here!

That's right. While making posts about anime and manga, I will be dragging along my inter…