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Bullied Kid Get's Shafted Over MLP!

As a fan of lots of geekdom stuff—anime, manga, video games, etc,—I've experienced my fair share of bullying. Heck, seventh grade has been purged from my memory forever, but for a child nine years old to endure bullying, and the catalyst to be My Little Pony (a show that expresses friendship, and a fandom that promotes tolerance) this is enough to make my blood boil.

I don't blame the children for the bullying at this age so much as I blame the children's parents. I also blame the school's principle for taking a pussyfied highroad and eliminating the "distraction" that was the catalyst for the bullying rather than have the balls to throw a few students out on their ass for a few weeks in suspension. Let a few failing grades float their way to their parents and then THEN we'll see how bullying is tolerated.


  1. My friend told me about this, but I just read and watched a video about a 11 yr old boy tried to commit suicide because he was being bullied about liking my little pony he died 11 DAYS after trying to commit suicide.Watch "NC Boy Bullied Over 'My Little Pony' Tries To Com…" on YouTube
    NC Boy Bullied Over 'My Little Pony' Tries To Com…:


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