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[LPS] Artist Corner - 40

It's been a while since I've posted anything LPS, so here is a nice image post for everyone. Of course, if this is what's in a cupcake, then I'll have to be more careful when I eat one from now on. Personally I think a pepper-filled cupcake would be a little too good, so maybe we should dial down the fun just a tad on that one.

Anyway, for those of you that have recently come here from Pet Shop Daily, these image posts are nothing new; just more of what you have come to love.

For everyone that is new to this, these image posts are our fan-artists corner, where I scour the internet for the best art that the fandom has to offer, and I show it off here.

I do something similar with anime images, but this is for the LPS fandom; so if being a Pet Shopper isn't your thing, then skip this one. Otherwise, enjoy the art.

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