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Newer and more improved!

Rumors about my untimely death have been exaggerated, as have been rumors about the death of this site, or any of the awesome Otaku/Geek junk we have been doing.

The truth about my recent departure is somewhat long and complicated but I'll try to give you the short version, if that is possible.

In the past near year that I've been AFK from WO, I have managed to self-publish two novels under the name, David Devere... if anyone is at all interested; and I've attempted to run a profitable secondary site for the fans of the HUB's Littlest Pet Shop series. Unfortunately, the complications of managing two full-time sites, combined with real life, and being a full-time novelist are more than us mere mortals should ever have to endure.

So, I am probably going to do what most people would find crazy, insane, and disturbing. I am going to merge most of this crap into one place. Here!

That's right. While making posts about anime and manga, I will be dragging along my interests in non-anime related geek junk.

So starting today, get ready for more anime and manga along with a splash of American Geekdom.