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Wo Reviews: Girls Bravo

Well it took me longer than I originally wanted, but I was finally able to finish watching, Girls Bravo. And while it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, it was certainly an anime that made a definite impression on me.

One of the first things that I noticed right away is that even for a harem comedy, this show had the nudity. And not just the occasional boobie-shot here and there; it had naked flesh at almost every turn. Full frontal flesh at that. Granted, there was only doll-like depictions of the nethers, it nevertheless left nothing to the imagination.

Of course, this is probably where most first time viewers of the show may stop, and reflect on only this particular aspect of it, but in truth, this is not all that the show is about, or all that it's intended to be.

Girls Bravo is a show based on the shonen manga series by writer and illustrator, Mario Kaneda. The series ran in Shonen Ace from 2000 - 2005, and in 2006 was animated by AIC Spirits and directed by Ei Aoki.

The series is your typical harem comedy fare; following the mishaps of high school student, Yukinari Sasaki, who suffers from a mental -slash- physical condition that causes him to break out in hives when touched or touching a person of the opposite sex. His life is made all the more complicated by his nosy and bothersome/loud/obnoxious childhood friend, Kirie Kojima—who seems to have little patience and beats Yukinari black and blue at the drop of a hat.

When Yukinari magically gets transported to the "not-so-distant" world of Seiren, an almost literal planet of women, and ends up right in the bathwater of hottie Miharu, the one person that doesn't cause him to erupt in hives.

While much of the plot seems derived, it manages to make the theme seem fresh and witty. Granted, there isn't a lot of depth to the characters, even when background information gets revealed. More often than not, many of the would be love interests for Yukinari and Miharu are down-right annoying as hell, and are deserving of a punch to the face.

It's difficult to get past the near constant barrage of naked bodies, almost as equally as it is to get past the stupidity of some of the characters, but despite some ups and down in the plot, and the common sense, the show has a pay-off.

If I had to pick my favorite aspects, it would be the wacky slap-stick. The down-sides are the never-ending obstacles to Yukinari and Miharu's happiness, like all harem comedies the world over; yet somehow this one seems as though it's a better than average one, even if hidden under the guise of the mediocre.

Definitely not for those that are adverse to plenteous nudity and innuendo, a must see for those that want to see a funny harem comedy.