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Brony Antics and Cinema Sins

As if it wasn't enough that the fans of MLP have tromped and trod into everything sacred and holy on the internet (wait... the internet is holy?), they've now begun to parody an internet parody review channel on YouTube. Wait... wha?

That's right, we've now got our own "Everything Wrong With" for the bronies. A chance to go back and lovingly pick fun at the episodes that the fans squee'd themselves over when they first aired.

Oh, now I know what you're thinking... this isn't all that bad right?

I never said it was. Just kind of strange is all. I get kind of a seasick feeling watching it. Maybe it's because it lacks those wonderfully timed "censored" words of profanity. Or the fact that the host of the review sounds kind of dorky. I might be over analysing this.

Oh well regardless, you can find the parody on youTube, and when you're finished watching it, go and find the real "Everything Wrong With..." series by Cinema Sins! You'll be grateful.