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New Tenchi Muyo Series To Arrive

Tenchi Muyo is one of those shows that people either understand completely; know about because of Toonami, or like because of a few very popular series figures, namely: Ryoko.

Try as I might, the series is often a confetti explosion of confusion and alternate timelines, mingled with canon and what seems like pure whimsy. I'm giving a hard strong stare at Sasami - Magical Girls Club while I say this.

Never the less, as part of a tourist spiel, Tenchi and Co. have been selected by the city of Takahashi in Okayama Prefecture to best represent their tourist drive. By setting the 50 five minute episodes in the city of Takahashi, the city hopes that the fans will take a small pilgrimage to visit some of the sites that I'm sure will be featured in the show.

The series is set to start in October on Tokyo MX; though, my initial reaction aside from trying to figure out where this series is going to fit into the massive omnibus of Tenchi is, why did they only make this five minutes per episode? I can sort of understand that the show is limited in production money by how much the city could raise, but you can't tell me that somewhere someone with some bank didn't want to open their wallet and fork over some yen.

I'm a little worried that with five minute episodes we may get what I fear are too many false starts with the narrative. That feeling that just as something is about to happen, we suddenly jump to a huge, To Be Continued logo, and then two minutes of end credits.

Right now, I'm glad that Tenchi is getting some more air time. I'll never begrudge the old chap his dues. But, I do worry about the quality of the series, granted though, it is a bit early in the game.