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[News]: "Tokyo Ghoul" Gets Dub

FUNimation announces that Tokyo Ghoul gets dub!
The Fans rejoice! 

I'm not sure how many people actually hang on every thing that happens over on the FUNimation forums, or reads or follows what the staff say, but not that long ago, FUNi announced this new Dubble Talk Block... Basically a bunch of Otaku Professionals in a sort-of roundtable discussion about anime, and what they are doing soon.

During one such discussion, it was confirmed by the good folks at FUNimation that, Tokyo Ghoul was getting its dub, and that it was to be streamed soon. This after they started streaming the second season with a dub. 

Sounds a little backward to me, but then, when has anything "Anime in America" been in proper order?

So, if you are a fan of the series, you can look forward to the dubbed stream coming soon.

I say this all the time to my food too!


  1. I actually do follow the Official FUNimation Blog. It is a reliable source of information especially if you have your eye on a particular anime that will release soon in North America. Or that might possibly release in the future.

    So I guess I do occasionally hang on new FUNimation news.


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