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Too Much Anime!

There is nothing like that feeling of having little to no more space for your anime, and the strange sick feeling you get when you buy more, only to discover that you've finally ran out of space. Well, worry and vomit no more! I've found a solution, and I'm showing off a cool trick I'm currently using to combine all those shelves of anime into a space that's very small.

Seven Deadly Sins Anime (Not 7 Deadly Sins Hobby Japan)

I've been seeing a ton of searches on here for anime or manga regarding, Seven Deadly Sins, and I vaguely remember making a post a few years ago about such an anime adaptation happening.

That being said, I was unsure what all the hub-bub was about, and I figured it was time to examine whether or not that particular title ever made its debut. Turns out that it did not.

If you do happen to remember, the piece I wrote, it mentioned the SDS series that was to be made into an anime, based on the figures from Hobby Japan, and Orchard Seed. At the time of the posting, there was a script, and character designs, and even a director; but then the whole thing went the way of Krillin that last time he was blown to bits. Never to come back again.

If there was an anime adaption created, it would be mentioned somewhere, and with as much boob-promise as the fans were given someone would have something to show for it. Which leaves me to conclude, that the anime failed to find the cash, or the fin…

Life in Japan (According to YouTube)

No doubt as a fan of Japanese culture, you are planning that life-long trip to visit the motherland of all otaku everywhere: Japan. To be more precise, it's probably going to be some place like, Akihabara or Shibuya. I'll admit that like most of you, it's also my dream to bask in the glow of my fellow otaku while browsing the manga shops, and sampling the goods at anime stores and coffee shops.

No doubt, you've even scoured the videos of Japan and Japanese culture; doing anything and everything to learn as much about the eastern wonderland as possible from the jvloggers on YouTube. And this is where I've come to something of an impasse, especially when it comes to separating the bullshit from the facts. I'm mean c'mon, the last thing we want to do is pack up, head out for an expensive trip only to get there and fall flat on our face when the moment of truth happens.

What I mean is, on some videos they offer help to us poor dumbass foreigners born without s…

Otaku News & Reviews #2

More otaku news and more, as I cover news and information on High School DxD BorN, Yuruyuri Season 3, Maria the Virgin Witch, and Wakaba Girl.

Top 10 Romance Anime

Time to do a top ten list! And this time do it in under three minutes!

Otaku News & Reviews #1

Got some news and info here on some cool things in anime! Check it out my fellow anime lovers!

WO's Top 10 Anime Little Sisters

There's one thing that all big brother and big sisters of anime have in common: their little sister. Check out my latest video, and see which ones I picked, and which one made it to the top of the list in my Top Ten Anime Little Sisters!

[MLP]: Season 5 Trailer & Speculation

Time for another MLP video... wait. It's been forever since I've made a post regarding anything to do with, My Little Pony; so I guess it's okay.

Check out the latest video, and speculate with the rest of us on what the new season will be about. If you've got any comments, make sure and post those to my video page, and if you haven't done so already; please subscribe.

Anime 4-1-1: What is the Face Fault?

Ever watched your favorite anime and someone in the show suddenly falls over? Of course you have, we all have; and, it usually comes when at a point in the show where some comic relief is required.

Those fall-overs are actually called, "face faults." A visual cue to show the viewers the reaction of the character. Face faults can happen in almost any genre, and at almost any point in the series.

How the face fault came to be in anime is simple. It's a left over from the early manga era.

Think of it like this. You are drawing a comic, and you need to emphasis emotional responses and reactions. To make sure they catch the readers attention, you exaggerate them; and in the early days of manga, it was a technique called the flip-fall. When manga began to be adapted into anime, this technique was also adapted, and thus the face fault was born.

Top 10 Tsundere Anime Girls

It isn't just a long standing stereotypical girl of the anime media form, the "tsundere" is a near staple of the anime industry. What exactly is a tsundere?

By cultural definition, it is a female character that displays an aggressive or somewhat hostile outward attitude (especially for the opposite sex), and yet has a soft, sweet, girly, or otherwise passive or passionate side to them.

Examples of this sort of character can be found in abundance, and so I have taken it upon myself to compose a list of my top ten tsundere girls of anime. I hope you agree with my list. If you don't then leave a comment down below, and maybe tell me what your ideal list would be; I'd love to hear your feedback.

Please help support the site, and my channel, I look forward to hearing from you.

WO Examines: The Shonen Top 5

There is a lot of misgivings for some fans of anime that seem to perceive the more popular, more accessible shonen action anime as a down side to the anime industry; I go in depth to discuss the ever popular “Shonen Jump Big 3,” and why I feel that it needs to be expanded to include other titles, and what those titles mean for the anime industry.
While it can be argued that the popularity of such titles as Dragon Ball Z and Bleach are overblown anime for a select audience; it can’t be overlooked that these seemingly muscle-driven shows are a staple and backbone of the North American anime industry as a whole, and that without them, it might not be possible for some of those lesser known gems to emerge onto the anime scene here for our viewing pleasure.
I hope you enjoy the video. Please watch and subscribe. If you’d like feel free to comment, I always enjoy feedback.

Returning To Blogger?

Nope this isn't one of those strange and attention-seeking publicity stunts. I did in fact leave Blogger never to return, for reasons that set against my openness to the rules a regulations for the content makers here.

If you want to know more about the recent changes made, then you can no-doubt google it, or look that information up somewhere else.

Regardless, I did in fact open a new blog elsewhere, in fact, and while it is a great blogging site, it just doesn't have the same feel and sense of accomplishment that this one here has provided for so many years. So in a sense, yes, I have returned to blogger.

But what of the other site?

It will remain, and it will be labeled as it was meant to be, a cultural site, sort of a sister site to this one.

I'll probably be slow to re-implement all the features and pages and things that I had here before, but I reckon you guys ( my faithful) readers aren't interested in gadgets and doodads, just th…