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Returning To Blogger?

Nope this isn't one of those strange and attention-seeking publicity stunts. I did in fact leave Blogger never to return, for reasons that set against my openness to the rules a regulations for the content makers here.

If you want to know more about the recent changes made, then you can no-doubt google it, or look that information up somewhere else.

Regardless, I did in fact open a new blog elsewhere, in fact, and while it is a great blogging site, it just doesn't have the same feel and sense of accomplishment that this one here has provided for so many years. So in a sense, yes, I have returned to blogger.

But what of the other site?

It will remain, and it will be labeled as it was meant to be, a cultural site, sort of a sister site to this one.

I'll probably be slow to re-implement all the features and pages and things that I had here before, but I reckon you guys ( my faithful) readers aren't interested in gadgets and doodads, just the anime and pop-culture info... right?

Never the less, have no fear. I'm here for a while.