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Seven Deadly Sins Anime (Not 7 Deadly Sins Hobby Japan)

I've been seeing a ton of searches on here for anime or manga regarding, Seven Deadly Sins, and I vaguely remember making a post a few years ago about such an anime adaptation happening.

That being said, I was unsure what all the hub-bub was about, and I figured it was time to examine whether or not that particular title ever made its debut. Turns out that it did not.

If you do happen to remember, the piece I wrote, it mentioned the SDS series that was to be made into an anime, based on the figures from Hobby Japan, and Orchard Seed. At the time of the posting, there was a script, and character designs, and even a director; but then the whole thing went the way of Krillin that last time he was blown to bits. Never to come back again.

If there was an anime adaption created, it would be mentioned somewhere, and with as much boob-promise as the fans were given someone would have something to show for it. Which leaves me to conclude, that the anime failed to find the cash, or the final production committee agreed to disagree on making it. Regardless of what the reason was, the anime is no where to be found; telling me that it was not made.

On the other hand, in that time, there has arose another popular manga, with the same name. And while it doesn't offer hot demon chicks with ample boobage to corrupt our minds and lower regions, it does seem to offer a fine example of shonen enjoyment. And, IT is the anime adaptation that I've been hearing so much about.

Turns out that all those searches for Seven Deadly Sins were for the anime adaption of the manga featuring some repressed asshole named, Meliodus.

I smile a lot!
Now don't get me wrong, the premise of this series seems pretty good; and full of action adventure, and even a little bit of fan service. I know that not only is Meliodus a very powerful hlf-demon dude, but that he's practically a walking hard-on.

But, I'm sure that nothing about this anime could possibly equal the sheer awesome of the adaptation of the Other Seven Deadly Sins.

Sorry, if I were faced with this anime on one hand and that other one on the other. I'd go with demon boobs over some kid that looks like he just licked the centerfold picture of the latest Tenma Comic.

Nevertheless, this does seem like an anime that has some appeal, so I won't be writing it off completely.