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My Little Pony - Still Popular!

Is it irony, force of will, or sheer drive that has kept the fandom of My Little Pony alive and well over the past few years? Given the fact that so many other fandoms have seemingly come and gone, and either dwindled to naught, or have become washed over with hypocrisy; the fans of the still popular children's show are still going strong, and with no clear signs of ever letting up.

Considering that the show is now strongly in its fifth season, this is good news for the creators, who never in their wildest dreams would have imagined that a series grounded in simplistic moral guidelines and practices would find purchase in the hearts of such a largely diversified audience. 

But what happens eventually to the glue that binds the fans and a specific series? Over time, I've grown farther and farther apart from the series as a whole, and haven't seen much of it since its fourth season. Not to mention that I've all but abandoned my collection of the figurines.

Several of the places that I still frequent that produce MLP fan-fiction are still going on like a freight train, but admittedly fewer and fewer of the shows fans are still keeping up with the episodes. Many simply write the fan-fiction as a source for their creative outlet, and maintain a near close proximity as a fan while openly distancing themselves from others.

As for myself, I find it interesting to say the least. I mean, what does this say about us a whole? Are we simply reaching a safe and comfortable spot in our fandom, or is this our way of growing into a next generation category all our own?

Personally, I feel it's a small bit of both. We've become comfortable, bloated, and relaxed in the waters. And as long as the show continues to produce, we don't have anything to really upset the waters. The elitist fans will continue their elitism; the grammar Nazis will still ruffle our feathers when they shred our work, and the voice actors will continue to voice our ever-changing favorite characters.

 With the plethora of conventions being held every year, it's clear from an outsider's point of view that the series is still popular, even if there are fans that, like myself, find the popularity more often than not, a bit of a chore to maintain.

So the question I pose is this:

Which of you fans of the series are still fans, and which of you have just grown comfortable and complacent? Are you a fan in title only, or do you still go through all the motions?