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[News]: Hannibal Cancelled - Season 3 The End?

By now the news of Hannibal's demise has boomed all over the internet. From Twitter to Facebook, and across the internet proper. And while the axing of the series wasn't entirely unexpected given the shows ratings (despite its popularity), what has come as a sort of surprise was the overwhelming fan reaction.

Less than a day after the execs at NBC announced that they were opting out of renewing a fourth season for Hannibal, the show's fans launched into a swift campaign to create a petition to have the show come back, and directly that a streaming service rescue it from oblivion.

Granted this wouldn't be the first time a series has lost its way on a network, been cancelled, and then saw new life in the form of a rescue from a streaming service; but, those instances are not proliferate in the least, and Hannibal would be bringing with it some seriously heavy baggage in its fourth and future seasons.

One of the biggest issues the series creators had with Hannibal was the rights for usage of Clarice Starling from the Silence of the Lambs novel. A character that is as intertwined in the legacy of Lector as Graham and Crawford. Without the usage of Starling, the show would eventually dead-pan, and spin its own wheels in place.

Whether or not this is a reason for the cancellation isn't known, though I'd imagine that at some point, without the usage of Starling, or the rights; someone somewhere decided it was a lost cause.

Am I saying that a fourth season of Hannibal can't happen? No, not at all. It is highly probable that a streaming service could pick it up. Though they may have some great challenges ahead of them.