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A Whole New World - A First Look at Shimoneta Anime

There is definitely something wrong with the world, and it's not the crazy girl going around with panties on her head, spreading leaflets of pornography, or shouting vulgar jokes at the top of her lungs in public places.

What's wrong with the world, is something far more sinister. It's the banishment of any and all forms of perversion; to the end that even everyday normal conversation about human topics are taboo. No place safe. Every one forced to wear a monitoring device that scans words and actions.

It isn't any surprise that we'd be cheering for the bad guys in this one!

here were several reasons why I thought I shouldn't watch, Shimoneta. And for a while I tried to avoid it, coughing it up as a waste of time, and "yet another one of those panty shows."

Once the series began its airing, I couldn't help but hear more and more about it. Something said to me, that this was not just a show about fighting the man in the hopes that perverts could get their jollies. It was a show that had a clear and moral message; albeit, buried under a mountain of seemingly immoral content.

Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist, begins like most dystopian shows when portraying the future. It paints a bleak and hopeless portrayal of the populace. By that I mean that total control and subjugation are always deemed bleak marks in any sort of future. Who in their right mind would want to be censored so much that they couldn't even tell their kids the facts of life?

And this is the whole crux of the show.

While on the surface it seems to be a show that is gearing up and getting set at the starting line of taking on the man just so we can get nasty and do all that vulgar stuff; the show is actually saying that what we need as a society is a little bit of moderation. A key word that is buried under the layers of wise-cracks, and jokes sprinkled heavily in the anime.

The fact that the main protagonist is a girl is also no coincidence. Were the main hero of the resistance a typical shonen male, then the whole point may have been lost. Sort of like a shout against the mighty roar of an inferno. Where one may be seen as simply wanting to free the populace for perversity's sake, the other can been seen as a more balanced and objectified participant.

Some may view Shimoneta as nothing but mild smut humor for the ignorant. And that's fine; they are entitled to that opinion. And, however shallow the show may seem, it hit home on some mighty topics. Imagine living in a society where anyone can accuse you of being a sex offender because they simply say they saw you doing something lewd, or vulgar. And a society where indecent words are criminal acts, whose punishment is weighted against the severity of the word.

Granted, I'm sure some of us would prefer if people kept their clothes on in public, kept sexual acts safe behind bedroom doors, and didn't wander the public spouting obscenities. It doesn't mean that we need laws against it. If people want public decency then it's up to the individual to rise above all that, and not let it fall to the system to fix for us.

And as a show, this is the message that Shimoneta is carrying. So sure, it's going to be vulgar, it's going to be crude, and it's going to call a penis and penis. Because sometimes to get our attention we need to have the gloves off, and good sound punch to the senses.