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Destiny Sucks - You Should Feel Bad!

If it's something I've heard once, then it's something that I've heard a few hundred times by now. "Destiny sucks, and you should feel bad for liking it!"

I don't know about any one else, but it gets rather grating when other gamers believe that they are not only intelligent enough to know what I want, or like, but ballsy enough to tell me that I should or shouldn't like something. I was there when the year one version of Destiny launched. It was a new fresh and different sort of game that Bungie had unveiled, and while it was something of a confusing mess, I was thrilled to be able to play a game that one of my favorite developers had made.

I'd love to go into all the reasons why it sort of went down hill for me on a personal note, but why would I want to drag you all down that memory?

I'm sure by now, every gamer nerd with their fingers not clutching desperately to their PC game keyboards has already pointed out every tiny minute flaw, and then some!

The truth, for me, was rather cut and dry. It was a new generation of games, and I wanted to play with my friends. My friends were too preoccupied with other titles to give me and Destiny the attention we needed, and as a multiplayer game (which was my sole reason for getting into it in the first place) it fell to the way-side.

Some time after "The House of Wolves" expansion was released, I picked it back up, and started leveling up my character. I had heard rumors that there was a massive expansion coming, and I wanted in. I had promise of new friends to play with, and old friends maybe returning.

As it turns out, I ended up changing consoles when "The Taken King" launched, and since that day, I've put more than a hundred and fifty hours on it.

Now, my reason for going into all that was to say this.

If this game is the hugely broken piece of shit that our fellow gamers would have us believe, then, why is it that so many people are still playing this game? Why are there still dozens and dozens of other players populating the game world, and why is it that at the last few events, the servers were bogging down from the influx of players?

The terrible truth is that Destiny is not a perfect game, and has its fair share of flaws. It has over powered weapons that despite level disabling seem to sneakily kill me more often than not. The Random Number Generator for dropped items in the PvP matches seems to have a mind of its own. And, while "The Taken King" made huge strides in fixing the almost incoherent mess of a storyline from year one, there is a definite lack of luster in a lot of places.

Does this make for a broken game that is a piece of shit? I don't think so. In fact, I'm pretty sure that it never will. how do I know this? Because, no game is made perfect. And if perfection is what the current gamers are after, even from a company as renowned as Bungie; then they are setting themselves up for disappointment after disappointment.

My issue, and main focus for writing this entry isn't so much to argue on behalf of Destiny. I couldn't care less if people don't like, like it, or want to use the game disc as a fifty dollar coaster for their beer. What I don't like, is for people to make stupid uneducated and asinine conclusions for me, when it comes to something that I personally enjoy. It isn't just bad manners, it's being a piss-poor gamer, that contributes nothing of any relevance to the community.

It's easy to say that a game sucks. Especially when it doesn't come gift-wrapped with all the things one personally wants. And, it's just as easy to tell others that something sucks when you find that you've purchased a game that you can't use as a leather punch for the next notch in your elitist gamer belt.

Telling me that I should feel bad for playing something that you don't like, is just petty, and amateur. It shows that you either couldn't hack it, or you just want to justify why you don't measure up to the rest of the well contented gamers that are in it for the fun.

Despite all the disappointments that I may have had with Destiny, I can honestly say that I've gotten more than my money's worth out of it. It wasn't a waste for me. It has and still does offer me plenty of fun with friends, and other players. I look forward to the next entry in this franchise, and when this game goes on the shelf to make room for newer games this holiday season, I expect that I will have little in the way of regret over all those hours that I've spent looking to fill out my collection of legendary and exotic items; or the countless laughs I've shared over the random stupid crap that I did that had me spiraling into oblivion at the hands of an angry enemy.