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[Review]: Myriad Colors Phantom World - Episode 03

Just when you thought the show, "Phantom World" couldn't get more into left field, they throw us a new curve ball. This time, we get a dose of fighting and memory copying. Want to know what I thought? Then check out the latest review video!

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[Review]: Fairy Tail Zero - Episode 02

It's time to take a look at the second episode of "Fairy Tail Zero." I hope you've all got your thinking caps on!

When the treasure hunters arrive on the island, looking for magical treasure, one of them is shocked to find a young girl. Unwilling to divulge the location of the treasure, Mavis agrees to a game. If she wins, the treasure hunters leave; if she loses, she has to reveal the location of the treasure. Let's hope all those years of book learning have paid off.

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[Review]: Dagashi Kashi - The Watch List Review

How in the world can they possibly make a show about snacks? Well actually, it's easy enough, you just have to have to have some pretty passionate characters, and while "Dagashi Kashi" isn't the brightest bulb in the anime box, it's got passionate characters by the loads.

It's cute and funny, and even off the wall at times. And oh, did I mention that it was a show about snacks?

[Review]: Myriad Colors Phantom World - Episode 02

It's the notorious second episode review that I wasn't going to do, but ended up letting myself get dragged into, because I am a sucker for collaborative efforts. Anywho... be sure to check out the official channel for Western Otaku and don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

[Review]: Fairy Tail Zero Anime First Impressions

So I know a lot of fans must have wanted this one, because we've got a new prequel series that covers the events leading up to the formation of the Fairy Tail guild by the wizard, Mavis Vermillion. I can't wait to dive into this one episode by episode.
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[VIDEO]: Myriad Colors Phantom World - First Impressions/Review

My first look at the new anime series, "Myriad Colors Phantom World." A whacked out fantasy, adventure, comedy, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy have been broken, and phantoms are an everyday occurrence.
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