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Anime DMCA and the Unfair Treatment of Fair Use

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This article has been long in coming, for many reasons; most notable of which is the repeated abuse the anime community seems to be suffering at the hands of the very people whose products and services we promote and advocate for.
By that I mean that anime community members are suffering unfair issuances of copyright violation notices, and DMCAs to the point that it seems the companies we buy anime from, doesn't really want us to do anything but just buy it.
Apparently, what was once a healthy practice, and by my own definition a sort of free promotion and advertising for the anime companies, is now being targeted in routine sweeps for illegal activity, and as a result many individuals on social media sites, namely YouTube and Twitter are being hit with take-down notices and DMCA notices.
Before I dive too deep into this, let me back up and start at the beginning.
Last year in between the months of August and October, a sweep began across the internet by l…