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Anime Review | Anne Happy - Episode 01

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of, slice of life is some of the more cemented examples in anime: Lucky Star, K-On, Yuri Yuri... just to name a few. And while I will admit that there is a certain point where they become the stuff of nostalgic legend, they also seemingly bleed into memorial retrospect.
Over the past couple of years, the well has been drawn on to the point where it seems as though the best shows have been tapped out, or are only living on as extended seasons.
Anne Happy, is a much different beast altogether. It's a slice of life anime that takes the stuff that we love about the genre and makes it seem fresh and exciting again. By that, I mean that it once again makes it okay to be a comedy.
Some shows are by their very nature, dramatic and melodramatic, and sometimes they hint at humor while keeping a darker more sinister undertone just below the surface; and then when the time is right, they hit the viewer with a heavy dose of reality, or some…