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New Game!! (Season 2) Simuldub Premiere

What's up everyone, I hope you are having a great afternoon, and I hope you are enjoying this summer's new anime, as well as some of the reviews that I've been getting up for you over on the channel. 

Now that, FUNimation has finished their rush dub of the first season of, New Game! the talented crew of voice actors have had little time to rest, and turned right back around to head into the studio again to begin work on the simuldub of the new second season, which I've been reviewing since the show premiered on Crunchyroll streaming.

The first episode is scheduled to go live, Tuesday, August 8th, 4:00PM ET.

For those of you that are fans of great slice-of-life anime, or are already fans of this series, then you'll be missing out if you haven't yet watched the season one dubs. Despite being something of a rush job, there was no cutting corners with the quality of work, and the VAs shine exceptionally well from start to finish.

Based on what I've seen, or rather heard, the second season is in great hands, and will no doubt meet the expectations and high level of excellence that's already been delivered. So be sure to hit up FUNimationNOW and get ready for a crash course on Aoba's second year of video game developing.

If you want to catch my reviews of the series as it airs, check out the channel at YouTube for my weekly episode reviews, as well as my Season 2 Dub Premiere review after the new dub goes live.

Thanks for the support, keep being awesome, and I'll see you guys next time!