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About Us/FAQs


Western Otaku is a blog that is dedicated to providing entertaining information about Otaku culture primarily in North America, and also in Japan. The purpose of the site is to cater to the fandom of the American audience, and the Popular Culture that has come about as a direct result of its Japanese Pop Culture counterpart.

Our goal is to offer news and information about events, anime, manga, and of course my personal favorites, some rants and reviews.

Western Otaku was started as an off-shoot of an Anime and Manga Community Message Board, and since the Forum's demise the Blog however has continued to thrive and maintain a high position on most all of the rankings, thanks entirely to the subscribers and readers.


Why did you make WO?
I made Western Otaku from a desire to be able to express my ideas and views on the fandom, and the anime community as a whole without having to compromise those views to the rules of a message board system. A blog seemed the perfect outlet for that.

Why is your news and information so selective?
Despite the overwhelming amount of information on the interwebs, news about anime and manga that is accurate is still very limited. Much of it is often related as second and third hand by the time most places post or write about it. And to be more specific, there isn't enough of me to go around, so without contributions from fellow fans, the information is going to be a bit cherry-picked.

Does Western Otaku offer Fan Fiction?
At this time, no, we do not. I eventually would like to get to a place where fan-fiction could be listed here, and perhaps hosted on a third party site like Docs, or DA... but for now the problem of establishing and maintaining a set of rules and regulations for such an endeavor is beyond the abilities of what I can do myself.

How do you get your News and information?
Much the same way everyone else does. I scour the internet looking for the most reliable sources, and of course hang out at a few Japanese sites hoping to get the information straight from, or at least closer to the source.

Why don't you ever cite your sources?
Mainly because no one piece of information comes from the same source. I often spend a lot of time cross referencing the information against a few sites before making the post here on WO. Additionally, I firmly believe in the freedom of the press, and choose to keep my sources anonymous for the sake of argumentative and belligerent feedback.
 Why do you often appear to hate on the fandom?
In all truth, the way I speak of the fandom is something that has developed over time. I do not hate the fans of anime or manga, and I do not hate the fandom, per se. I find that as a fellow fan and nerd, it's easier to get across to the fans if they aren't coddled. I think fans for the most part are much more capable than they seem, and giving them a heavy handed dose of reality is never a bad thing.
How can we donate to WO?
You can support Western Otaku by visiting our Amazon store page link up in the header. Every purchase you make through the store helps us gain commissions.

How can we contribute to Western Otaku?
Anyone that would like to contribute to WO is more than welcome to email me. I only ask that if the contribution is news and Information, that it is super accurate, and reliable. I'll want to know that it isn't just a copy of something someone at Anime News Network wrote, and is then sent to me, since I'll be the one to look like a fool, if and when they ask me to remove it.
You can contact me at the following address: HERE
Please do not spam my inbox. I will try to go through every email, but emails that have dumb headings or seem like spam will get trashed. my time is limited, and I need all the help I get, not more work added to the stew.

Also, make sure that you provide your name, or a username that you would like credited for the news or information piece. I'll make every attempt to mention you for it.
Can I submit Original Art?
Yes, I greatly encourage you to send me your original art, as I would very much like to feature posts showing off the best of your talents. Please keep the art clean and family friendly. Mild innuendo is fine, but nothing too stimulating or I'll have to change the blogs rating, and I don't want to do that.

Again, if you'd like to email me, do so here: HERE

Send all your pictures, news and information, and current J-Pop, A-Pop event info to that address.